Strength, Inside and Out

We Are TSUYOSA Strong

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We came from humble beginnings…

 Without an official home of our own, we started off with a collection of specialty programs designed for different demographics within our community. 

In the seven years that would follow, Tsuyosa’s community roots grew into a thriving dojo.  Always true to our original mandate; To foster Strength in all of its forms. We are proud of the presence we’ve been able to established within our local community.  Today we boast a network that reaches hundreds of people on a weekly basis, with a combination of in-house classes, outreach and specialty programs, all designed to be accessible for everyone.

After signing up my 4 year-old at Tsuyosa, I immediately began to see the transformation not only in his self-confidence, but in the way he interacted with his peers. I am forever grateful to Meghan and her team for the support they have given my family.
— Lucille B., JULY 2017

Choose Your Program …


Youth Classes

(12 and under) Definitely our fiercest group of warriors. We teach our little ninjas the art of meditation (you can literally hear a pin drop!), basic martial arts principals and techniques and boost their self-confidence through our leadership initiatives.

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Adult Classes

(Ages 13+).Our adult classes dive deep into the history of ‘Wadō-ryū‘, practicing the art of Martial (get it?), and learning some pretty nifty attack and defense techniques. We pride ourselves in fostering a strong and wholesome mindset in all of our students.


Self-Defense Workshops

Sensei Meghan runs various self-defense and empowerment type programs throughout the year. She has provided program in remote northern communities and has a program specially designed for pre-school aged children which she teaches at over 25 daycare facilities in and around Montreal. Give her a call to see what she can do for you.

Meet Your Sensei …


Sensei Meghan

 I started to learn karate at the age of 19 and that changed my path.  I gained more and more confidence through my studies and my teaching and this is what led to the creation of Tsuyosa Martial Arts.  Knowing what martial arts did for me led me to my mandate to foster the Strength in others, Inside and Out.  To me karate is beautiful and empowering. I use it as a vessel to bring empowerment and self confidence to all of my students. McGill Bachelor ED.

Sensei Steve | Tsuyosa Martial Arts

Sensei Steve

Why Martial Arts? I remember always being fascinated by martial arts.  Practitioners found the mental fortitude to face fear, loss, physical pain and any other physical or mental affronts with the ability to conquer it. To not let it affect their attitude, behavior, or composure.  To always be honorable and respectful even when it seems impossible.

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Children’s classes

Children’s classes are on Wednesday afternoon at 4:15 and Saturday afternoon at 2:30. The classes are 45 minutes.


Adult classes

The adult classes are on Wednesday evenings at 8:15 and on Saturday afternoons at 3:30. The classes are 1 hour.